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Who Has The Best Voice? (Kizz, Wande, Wizkid)

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Since music is one of the medicine for healthy living in a mans life, and the voice of musical artist is the number one instrument that make a song melodic, we have brought out three artist in Nigeria that has certain uniqueness in their voice so we can pick who has a more unique voice in the music industry.

Kizz Daniel

Kizz is an artist that has a great voice that captures the heart of the ears everytime its heard. if you are music lover you would probably be in love with his soft toned voice.



Wande Coal probably has the most captivating voice in the music industry. His loveable soprano-like voice is to die for, and when he deliver a love song, its just awwwww




Wizkid , has and undiluted voice in which when he sings, he instantly steals the hearts of the ladies, when he deliver “Holla at your boy” he probably stole the heart of all Nigerians.

Who has the best voice out of these three?

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