Tolu Ogunlesi Dragged On Twitter, Accused Of ‘Lying’ About Amaechi’s Tapes

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Tolu Ogunlesi, a Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Digital, New Media, has been dragged by Nigerians on Twitter for allegedly lying about Amaechi’s audio tapes which according to him was made in 2014. 

Tolu Ogunlesi had taken to his Twitter page, to claim that the recording is from 2014 and was in fact, directed towards Jonathan. His tweets read in part; 

“Audio from 2014 or so. At the height of Amaechi’s fight with GEJ.

“In the (paraphrased) words of Victor AD – WETIN YOU GAIN #DubaiStrategy.”

However after the claims seemingly got busted by Amaechi’s audio tapes released on Sunday by Reno Omokri, Tolu Ogunlesi has been dragged by Nigerians. 

@amadichima wrote; 

That gramophone with a mustache they call Tolu Ogunlesi was disingenuously trying to deflect the Amaechi leaks with a ridiculous whataboutery until Reno moved for his jugular. Decency goes out the window when an urchin’s source of daily bread is in jeopardy. Itiboribo! Iberibe.

@MrFixNigeria wrote; 

But Tolu Ogunlesi has really disgraced himself… #Karma

@ilynem wrote; 

And oh! #AmaechiTapes just confirmed one thing. Tolu Ogunlesi is a liar and he has only his interest at heart, not that of Nigerians. I wonder how many more lies he has fed us with just to defend his paymasters? Thank you @renoomokri for exposing the charlatan.

@MrNosegbe wrote; 

Tolu Ogunlesi’s descent from highly-regarded, award-winning journalist to South West Abusidiqu has been painful to observe.

@_Ogisa wrote; 

Tolu Ogunlesi drove to Idu and missed an entire train Station, why are you surprised that he lies? Oduduwa Joseph Goebbels

@Jacksonpbn wrote; 

Tolu Ogunlesi came lying to us that the Audio was in 2014 and that Amaechi was referring to GEJ. Same Ogunlesi whose office is at the Federal Secretariat, rarely knows what’s happening in the Villa except told by Bashir, is here lying. Anyway, he belongs to the family of liars!

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