Tinubu “Beheads” Ebuka In Photoshop Gone Wrong

Tinubu “Beheads” Ebuka In Photoshop Gone Wrong

If you are supporting APC it is time to stop, and conscientiously review your actions, whether some of the things you are defending are defendable.

Aside the drug related crimes for which your “bulabally” candidate has been convicted, the baba does not have the mental capacity to even make a one minute speech, is that the kind of human being, you want to stand before the world and address the United Nations General Assembly?.

First they stole Donald Duke’s picture, you guys defended them, secondly they stole another picture from Indonesia, you guys said it was the right thing.

Now that he has “beheaded ” Ebuka from his own picture and mounted his helpless self what do you have to say?

You cannot handover the destiny of over 200 million people to such characters. We did it in 2015, and we are still paying for it as a nation.

Lets us galvanize support and vote massively for a party that believes in one Nigeria, a Party that abhors nepotism, a party that is truly Nigerian in every sense.

Support H.E Atiku and Dr. Okowa to help Nigeria Recover!!!!

As one we can get it done !!!

Dr. Oche Otorkpa (FRSPH-UK)

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