Relationship – 5 Things Women Should Never Say To A Man They Love

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Communication in a relationship is very important and it is a relevant part of a relationship that its quality and quantity could decide if people will continue feeling good about dating each other, or if they’d become so dissatisfied and disconnected from the whole thing.
So you want to be careful how you come at your partner with certain talks. Here are a list of things a woman should avoid saying to her partner at all costs.
I regret you coming into my life
Except he absolutely deserves it and you’re 100% sure you no longer want to continue the relationship, do not say this.
If you don’t mean it and you’re just angry, this isn’t one of those things you throw out there and try to apologise away later.

”Tunde” is a better man that you’ll ever be
Maybe the Yoruba demon has gotten into you, lol. But making a comparison between your partner and anyone else is always a recipe for disaster. Avoid it like a plague.
I’m sorry but…
Saying sorry can be an incredibly good thing in relationships as it helps mend fences and restore peace but that’s only when done right.
Every time you try to apologise and a ‘but’ follows ‘I’m sorry’, you have negated the apology. Don’t do it.
I’m just managing you
No one wants to feel like they’re being loved out of pity. Also, your man doesn’t want to get the vibe of being a step down for you.
Is it in?
Do i need to go further on this one? looooool *wink*

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