Police Officer Bursts Into Flames After Being Hit By Petrol Bomb In Violent Protests

A riot police officer was hit by a petrol bomb in shocking scenes as demonstrators protested against police brutality across Colombia.

At least 10 people were killed and hundreds wounded after rioting broke out in the Colombian capital of Bogota during protests over the death of man repeatedly tasered by the cops.

While one police officer was hit by a petrol bomb in Medellin – with horrendous pics showing him bursting into flames.

The extent of his injuries are not known.

Dad-of-two Javier Humberto Ordonez was killed after being continuously shocked with a stun gun on Wednesday in Bogota.

Police said he was drinking alcohol in the streets with others in violation of Colombia’s social distancing rules to halt the spread of coronavirus.

In a widely shared video, Mr Ordonez is pinned to the ground by two officers and subjected to successive electric shocks as he begs them, “Please, no more.”

Mr Ordonez was then taken to a police station where his family and friends claim he was subjected to more abuse.

He later died in hospital.

Hundreds of furious protesters gathered outside the police station where he was held, some use rubbish bins, rocks and sticks to batter the windows.

The station and a police vehicle were graffitied and a motorcycle burned. Two police stations were set on fire and three others attacked in different areas of Bogota.

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