[Lyrics] phyllz x Guddoo and Emygreat Na Dem dey rush us

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Mr.phyllz o yea

BadmanEmy nobody badder than

Guddoo dey here so,are you feeling me..

Kiloshele gan gan,guy you know watin dey here na dem dey rush us.

[Chorus Guddoo]

Na dem dey rush us

Na dem na dem dey rushNa dem dey rush us

Na dem na dem dey rush

Now Are days the girls dem dey rush us.2x

[Verse 1 Guddoo ]

They don day rush us

They don day call us anywhere way we go dey don find us them say we fine die they want dey call us all de fine girls day don dey find us getting fresh doo they want day call us. Ah see anything way we do anything da we do in dis budding dem they feel us any stage now are days dem dey call us emy great and guddoo dey here Mr phyllz u know how we do it ahah Jhoor we no send them we just claim dis beat we day rap we day sing them day feel our style Jhoor when we start to day perform 4 de stage all the girls them just day fall down olon them day feel Jhoor way day carry front carry back them day shake am 4 us but they boys we no send Jhoor we get doo nigga we get cash men anything u want we spend men any show we go we day pour men u know guy me I no send men muder fucker fuck all de hatters see fine fine girls with a big back with a big breast come to my place them want give am to me but I no care cause A…

[Chorus Emygreat]

Na dem dey rush us

Na dem na dem dey rush3x


[Verse 2 Emygreat ]

Na dem day rush us

Na dem dey find us

Na dem dey follow us.

Person like Emygreat Na inspiration dey rush me

See as all these beautiful girls dey follow me


Lemme do dem leg over ah

This hit hot like one corner ( Yeaaah omo one corner)

Back then I dey cool like cool water

Dem dey call me Emybest I hot like hot water…

Badman Emy abeg make una stop to dey envy me

Fine girls just dey rush me I get dollar

Inspiration dey rush me I get knowledge

Good talent dey follow me I get talent.

See right..

Na dem dey rush us

Na dem dey follow us


[Hook Emygreat]

Keeping up the fans

Keeping up my doo

Making up my slangs

That why dey call me Emygreat you are a badman

Guddoo, Guddoo!!

Mr.phyllz come make we scatter this place.

Na dem dey rush us

Na dem dey rush us no dulling one time!!

[Chorus phyllz ]

Na dem dey rush us

Na dem na dem dey rush3x

[Verse 3 phyllz ]

Na dem dey rush us

Na dem dey feel us

All the girls come to my way

Make I touch you

This girl Cary big _bakka_

She think say me I come waka! Waka!!

I tella baby girl don’t stop for me

Coz me I go do

No stop for me

I will take it so up

Buh maki no mind

Am making my way _sexy girls_

Cool dollar

Am making my money like a footballer

The girl the follow me

n i say am not a footballer

I tella that am a rap star

No b say na duster

As I dey for Shining Star

All the girls dey love me

Coz I be finest guy in the town

Gimme all the town

I don dey runtown

I give everything if I dey rundown

I dey shutdown

Every city wey I enter

I dey _buru bata_

Ife anada…….. ..

This boi Don dey cause _cater cater_

Every girl Don dey love me

Coz I be d bahd man

Ibo guys no dey carry lass

Coz now dem dey rush us

For the streets dem dey call us

*Mžtq Phyllz issa bahd Gui (eeah)


Omere evil nwanne



Shout out to Monday Luke


The guy way dey sing song

Respect to Humble Jay Nwennem

Phyllz,Guddo baddest Rapper ever lived

All respect boss.

God bless you all !!!

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