LET’S TALK!! Fashola As Governor Of Lagos vs Fashola As Minister – Which Do You Prefer?

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Hello Everyone,
President Buhari released the Ministerial list for his Second term some days back and the Internet was on fire because of the people he picked to be in his cabinet.
In fact, many said they were shocked Fashola remains a Minister considering how bad her performed initially especially in the Power sector – No light nor improvement at all or hope it will get better anytime soon 🤨

See some Tweets below:-

These are some Tweets we got from Twitter after President Buhari released his Ministerial lists and Fashola remains a Minister of 3 key sectors.
Fashola is widely known to be a very active and profound person but the experience Nigerians had under him in the last 4 years is nothing but total disappointment.
With all we have been seeing on Social media, we thought it would be wise to throw this questions at you all 👇

Fashola as a Governor vs Fashola as a Minister – Which Do You Prefer?

Let’s hear from you all on this important matter.
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