Kwankwaso Supporters Throw Their Hats Away, Join APC

Kwankwaso Supporters Throw Their Hats Away, Join APC

“Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen” : Watch Thousands Of Kwankwaso Supporters Throw Their Hats Away And Join The APC Train (Video)

We frequently hear from our brothers and sisters in Christ, “Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen.” But this idiom has Old Testament roots, and its context teaches us about faith, loyalty, and forgiveness.

The phrase “Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen” is derived from David’s story, which takes place during Saul, Jonathan, and Israel’s battle against the Philistines.

The deaths of Saul and Jonathan brings the battle between Israel and the Philistines to a close. David laments and sings, “How the Mighty Have Fallen,” after hearing the news.

This story seems to illustrate the sorry state of the Kwankwasiya movement in Kano.vAccording to the video below, this is what happened to thousands of Musa Kwankwaso’s supporters at a rally in Kano State’s Tudun Wada/Doguwa Federal Constituency when they defected to the ruling APC, much to the shock of the crowd.

I don’t understand Hausa, so don’t bother asking me for interpretations; if you can’t hear yourself, find someone who can. As David wept over the deaths of Saul and Jonathan, I weep for the Kwankwasiya movement…”Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen”.

It is a sad day for the NNPP presidential candidate and his team, but one man’s poison is another man’s meat, so sit back, get a drink, and watch this clip.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the Chairman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy.

Source iReporteronline.

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