Kabex Drops Mad Rap Lines About Education In Nigeria (You Will Love Him After Watching This)

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Kabex is no doubt a shooting star we all need to watch out for.

You only get to know a good rapper when he/she can pass relatable messages with their contents.

His freestyle to Simi over Yahoo Boys issue still got me thinking about his rap talent.

Well, the talented rapper is here again. This time he talks about Education in Nigeria and advises Students/Graduates not to put all focus on education alone but also focus on their talents as it will help them get a better life.

According to him:-

1. School has killed more talents than poverty.

2. Stop limiting your success within the pages of a book because if with your certificate you still can’t live the life that pays you, then it is not you who failed school, it is the school that really failed you.

Watch The Freestyle Below:-


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