Julius Agwu Laments Joke Theft Among Comedians

Julius Agwu Laments Joke Theft Among Comedians

Julius Agwu, the popular Nigerian comedian, has talked about comedy theft.

He lamented the rate at which comedians steal their colleagues’ jokes without crediting them.

In an interview with HipTV, the comedian said he once attended an event where he saw a colleague performing his jokes.

“I’ve been to a show before and I was just hearing my jokes and I don’t have anything to say,” he said.

“I remember I’ve been to a show once and a comedian was performing and Bovi just looked at me and told me that’s your joke.”

Agwu also recounted how he had to confront the comedian and advised him to stop stealing jokes.

“I remember I went for an award in Kaduna State and this comedian came and performed, I was hearing my jokes,” he said.

“During the after party, I called the comedian and asked him how come you performed the jokes? And I asked if he knows the owner, he said ‘yes’.

“I began to advise him to not use a comedian’s joke and steal jokes on social media.”

In April 2022, the actor was in the news over concerns about his health.

There were also rumours that his wife abandoned him due to his health condition.

But in December, the comic actor confirmed the rumours, adding that he and his wife have parted ways.

He also admitted that the rumours about his health challenge were true.

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