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If You Have N10M To Grow Your Label, Which Of These Artistes Will You Sign? (See Full List)

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Hello Guys,
Everyone’s dreams of becoming a label owner is always active. Everyone likes being relevant and being a celebrity is one thing every young individual dreams of.
Lets imagine your dreams of becoming a label owner is finally coming alive. You’ve been given 10 million Naira to sign artistes to your label, and keep the rest in the vault to keep running the label on daily basis.
Below is a table provided with some artistes and their prices. You are to sign just one artiste in each rows of prices.
We have 4 artistes in each prices rows and you are to choose just 1 artiste in each rows to sign to your label.
Your choices should be based on the results you are likely to get if you truly are to sign these artistes. Their personality, the type of song, controversial lifestyle, creative minds, uniqueness and so on should influence your choices.
See the table below:-
Lets see how effective your managerial skills are and lets see the types of artistes you will like to keep in your label.
NB:- This is not aimed against any artiste. Everyone has their various preferences when it comes to the type of personalities they would like to keep around them.
So Guys 👇

Which Artistes Would You Be Signing To Your Label?

Lets know your choices of artistes
Drop your comments

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