“I Insulted This Female Soldier Online, But We’ve Settled It, Now She Likes Me And Invited Me To Her Barracks” – Should I Go?

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Hello Admin,
Please, I need the comments of fellow Naijaloadites to make this scary decision in my life. I will be glad if this post can come up on the blog.
There’s this female soldier on Instagram, I never knew she was a soldier though, So I bashed on twitter sometimes last week.
The bashing was much on Twitter, I was getting Retweets, Likes and even the tweet became a Gbas Gbos meme on twitter.
But the thing is she sent me a DM about how the bashing got to her, but she has forgiven me though, that she will like us to be a friend that’s beyond Twitter.
SO she shared her picture, the one above and she said: “I shouldn’t be scared, that she already likes me, so she won’t hurt me“.
Long story short sha! She asks me to come pay her a visit at her 3 bedroom lodge at her barracks, and am happy to go see this beautiful love of my life.
But one mind is telling me not to go 🤔 So am a little confused about what to do, So I need y’all views on this short story of mine.
So Guys 👇

Should I Go And See Her At Her Barracks? She Likes Me Though

Please help me with your faithful advice.
Drop your comments…

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