How Guest Posting Can Help You In 2019

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When done right, a guest post service will help you achieve either one or all of these three things:

1. Increase your organic traffic.
2. Build quality backlinks back to your website
3. Position you as an authority in your industry.

When you submit quality guest articles to other blogs in your niche and they link back to your blog, your brand reputation and rankings will increase on search engines.

In other words, guest blogging is one of the safer ways to build backlinks and increase organic traffic to your website.

A quick illustration.

Who do you trust more: Beyonce Knowles or Bolu Phil?
Beyonce does it for me. Not because I like her music (sorry Beyonce) but because her brand authority in the music industry.

Which of these cars do you prefer: Toyota or Veem?
I know only Toyota. Never heard of Veem.

Who is the best football player: Lionel Messi or Shiffi?
Lionel Messi because I’ve seen him play. I don’t know Shiffi.

You get the point.

That is exactly what a quality guest posts will do to your online brand — exposure and recognition. And then more money.

Guest blogging means more trust. More traffic. More backlinks. More revenue.


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