Don’t Waste Time!!! – An Open Letter To All Upcoming Artistes Above 27 Years

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 You’re an Artiste, 27 years old and above, and you’ve been a recording artist for 7-8 years?
 And you still recording demo, hoping a label will sign you?
 Are you still hidden under the label of HOPE?
 #Facts No Label will sign YOU!
You’re to make the transition from just a studio Rat to a Mega Super Star.
No Record Label will wish to sign a recording artiste who will only disrupt or disturb the label with his/her family problems😢
While working hard to make yourself known to the world, you can do the following before it gets too late 👇

1. Get yourself a job

Get yourself a job, release your project by your self and look for partners, not labels.
I definitely will not sign an underdeveloped artist who is above 30 under me. These guys will heap their family problems on you and distract you from investing and Promoting their Music.

2. Don’t think about Marriage at this time

As an upcoming artiste, If you think about having a wife or husband, you’ll only end up finding yourself in a family, looking to make ends meet.

3. Leverage the use of social Media

Social Media is a very efficient way to become popular. Try to grow your Instagram followers (Not fake though), Twitter Followers, and Finally, Create a Facebook Page.
Try to constantly maintain your social media accounts. If the need arises, always tag artistes you know that can be interested in your songs.

4. Keep Jealousy Aside

One major problem of Upcoming Artistes is jealousy. It is even worse with older Upcoming Artistes.
Try not to be too jealous of your friend who has made it more than you, or a younger artiste.
Respect them well, and with time, you’ll find out that you’re always seeing yourself around them. Through this, Help might arise.

5. Be optimistic

We never can tell. You might be looking around for a record label to sign you, but in the real sense, you might end up being a creator of a record label.
Focus on your music career, and don’t be dismayed by any cause.
Good luck!!!
This Article was written by:- Oyetoro Jeremiah

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