Al Hilal Saudi Arabia Offers More Than 900 Million euros To Sign Leo Messi For Two Seasons Only

Al Hilal Saudi Arabia Offers More Than 900 Million euros To Sign Leo Messi For Two Seasons Only

One of the best touchers of football throughout the history of the game is Lionel Messi, a true legend who lives with us in our current era. He won all the individual and collective titles that any player in history could dream of, after the Saudi club Al-Nasr signed Cristiano Ronaldo in a deal amounting to 800. One million Saudi riyals, Al Hilal responds and offers Leo Messi an offer exceeding 900 million euros to include the player for two seasons only.

Al Hilal Saudi Arabia offered to sign Leo Messi

After Argentina won the Qatar World Cup 2022 at the expense of the French national team, it became difficult for him to continue his career with the Parisian capital club, as Messi faces great difficulties during his time in Paris, especially after the celebrations by the Argentine goalkeeper hostile to the French star Mbappe, and after he The Saudi League has become the focus of attention of football fans around the world due to the arrival of Don Cristiano Ronaldo, the current Al-Nasr player Hilal of Saudi Arabia By submitting a very huge financial offer amounting to more than 2 billion Saudi riyals, in order to include the player for two seasons only, their start will be next summer, so that the Saudi League will include two legends of the game throughout history, and the issue remains pending until the player’s signature, and from my personal point of view that Leo Messi will be in Al Hilal season The next one, and we were the first site of Egypt Mix to announce that Cristiano had come to victory, and we presented the details of the contract.

Player biography

Messi is considered one of the best historical players in the history of football. I will not exaggerate when I say that he added a lot to the Spanish club Barcelona and his country’s national team, as his career with Argentina ended with his winning the World Cup in Qatar, to ascend the throne of the game and compete with Diego Armando Maradona, and I will not exaggerate that that The championship is the Leo championship, without which there would have been no presence of Argentina in this cup as we all followed and watched, and here is a brief summary of it:

  • Lionel Henres Messi Cuccini.
  • Born in Rosario, Argentina, on June 24, 1987.
  • He is married to Antonella Roccuzzo in 2017 and has three children, Mateo, Thiago and Ciro.
  • He played with FC Barcelona and won all possible tournaments with them.
  • Then he moved to Paris Saint-Germain, to win the league title with them last year.
  • He won the Copa America and the World Cup with Argentina once.
  • His football record has scored nearly 760 goals.
  • He also won the title of best player in the world 7 times, and he will get it the next time as well after winning the historic cup.

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