A Nairalander Shares His Overnight Beach Camping Experience At Enukunmi Eleko Beach

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I teamed up with my good friend Koyejo Sofoluwe(@KINGFISHEREcHo) and a group of tourists for an overnight beach camping experience at Enukunmi Eleko Beach.

A brief history; Eleko Beach opened in 1989 as a serene and private beach in the Lekki Peninsula, about 30 miles east of Lagos Island. Away from the hustles and bustles of the metropolis, it usually has an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Enough of history, now to our camping experience; the team set out for Enukunmi Eleko Beach from Alagomeji at 1:50pm. The journey was an exciting one; everyone got to introduce themselves and talk about what they do. The journey was smooth and gridlock free.

Our first stop before getting to Enukunmi Eleko beach was the Lekki Conservation Centre; which was overcrowded. We decided to move on to Lufasi Park for a brief visit. We got to Enukunmi Eleko Beach less than 3hours after our initial set out, remember our two stops along the way.
On locating our camp site, it was now time to set up tents, but first we had to clear up the surrounding areas. Please note that we had visited this camp site a couple of days earlier and had reached an agreement with the host community, this is very important.

After putting up our tents, it was time to set up our bonfire; which was prepared by the locals. We then proceeded to swimming in the beach (for those who could swim), eating and drinking. We also played a lot of games, danced, sang, caught crabs and finally slept around 3:00am.
We woke up around 7:30am; we all took a 45mins group walk by the seaside, after which we returned to our campsite, had our sumptuous breakfast, had a group talk, played more games and finally decamped around 2pm.

It was a fun experience. This is just a brief summary of the full experience.

Learning Points
-Beaches in Nigeria should be a tourism haven where tourists, families, adventurers can come and relax free from intimidation, oppression or violence.
– We were able to patronize some shops in the local community, which served as a source of revenue to them.
-It was an opportunity to meet new friends, business partners and fellow adventurers.
-Nigeria needs to harness her water resources more.

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