2023: Go And Get Your PVC, Your Vote Will Count – Actor Kanayo

2023: Go And Get Your PVC, Your Vote Will Count – Actor Kanayo

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo Kanayo, has told Nigerians to go and get their Permanent Voters Card.

According to him, the masses can save Nigeria in the 2023 general election with the PVCs.

He made the appeal in a video shared on his social media page.

The actor explained that the masses have the power to save the country.

He also encouraged Nigerians against believing that their votes would not count, saying voting is their civic responsibility.

Kanayo also warned against campaigning on social media without physical voting.

He said, “You and I have the power to save our country, no one can do it but you. Do not keep saying your vote will not count, first go and perform your civic responsibility of casting your vote.

“Going to vote is better than going to church or the mosque don’t mist understand me If you were going to church and there is catacata like we say in Nigeria and you couldn’t get there, you know what I mean.

“My brothers and sisters, there is no in Jesus’ name when it gets to voting. That’s why you‘re saying in Jesus’ name and these guys have been doing what they have been doing a long time there is no voting on social media, it’s a physical exercise.

“You must be there physically if by now, you have not gotten your permanent voters card, you have become part of the problems of Nigeria.”

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