Pablos-Why Kill Mama

Why Kill Mama is a song by Pablos. A passionate artist whose desire to make money like every other youth has brought heightened pressure.

In his latest release, he made it known to every youth out there under the same pressure that killing or involving in blood money isn’t the right choice to make…

‘Why kill mama for Benz when her prayers can get you jet? He asked. Although your mother might not be buoyant enough, her prayers are richer, and ending her life to make the money is a poor decision.

The beat is natural, intriguing and like the song, it speaks to the heart. He used his words to evoke emotions starting with ‘Oluwa’ a word for God in Yoruba.

Then he glided to saying ‘take am jeje, take am slow’ the pressure may be high but just do your best and the rest for God.

It’s a song everyone should listen to, the best advice and coolest vibe for anyone under pressure or seeking to avoid unnecessary pressure. Life is in stages, we would all make it.

_This song is different, entertaining while packed with values_ *Listen here*

Summary: Life is vanity, death is certain, and making it is not by a power so don’t dare kill for money.
The track was produced by Everyoungzy and M/M by beat mix lord

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